Senior SQA External

Company Name:
Senior SQA (Supplier Quality Assurance)
ExternalTime: 8.00 Am to 5.00 Pm
Manager is looking for candidates with Automotive experience.
Specifically this manager is looking for candidates with injection molding experience.
Candidate must have the ability to make tough calls and stand their ground when dealing with new and current suppliers on quality issues.
Also the ability to communicate effectively across multiple teams and depts.
Candidate should be comfortable with travel both internationally and domestically about 50% of the time.
In addition to the basic Job description:
- experience in the manufacturing and/or design of Interior parts such as injection molding, backmolding and assembly operations
- experience in the design and manufacturing processes related to injection molding
- experience in production quality systems - strong personality, standing, assertiveness
Coordinates and manages supplier quality systems for Plant Spartanburg's purchased parts (worldwide). Develops and approves new supplier's quality and production systems to ensure that CLIENT MC's purchased parts met product specifications. Integral part of new product launches including both supplier and parts development for manufacturing.
o Supports the Module Quality Engineer(s) in advanced quality planning activities such as: risk assessment, product and process development.
o Leads launch projects after hand over to Supplier Quality Assurance ensuring compliance with CLIENT specifications.
o Communicates with other CLIENT Plants in the worldwide CLIENT Network including joint problem solving.
o Executes the process series before SOP (Start of Production) with the suppliers (world-wide).
o Manages the ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Report) releases for assigned products.
o Develops new and challenging supplier''s quality and production systems.
o Approves and reviews the monthly supplier rating.
o Executes product and process audits due to occurred errors and supplier rating results and initiates counteractions and counteraction verification.
o Leads quality problem solving process for supplier related issues.
o Audits the quality management system at the supplier location(s).
o Validates start up ability for new parts/processes.
o Manages the part approval process for assigned suppliers.
o Coordinates reduction of supplier related warranty claims via Defect Eradication Process.
o Participates in internal warranty reduction problem solving teams regarding purchased parts.
B) Experience: 6+ years (5+ years with a Masters degree) of professional experience in the related part technology and/or processing.

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