Business Analyst

Company Name:
o Partners with business units to analyze current operational procedures, identify problems, and learn specific input and output requirements such as forms of data input, how data is to be processed, and how the results will be managed.
o Expert in current "as-is" process and works with the business to define the "to-be" process,
o Partners with the global network to ensure synergies with existing systems and alignment with group strategy.
o Reviews and analyzes system capabilities, workflow, and scheduling limitations to determine if requested program or program change is possible within existing system - identifies and differentiates system configuration from programming solutions.
o Prepares time and cost estimates for completing projects.
o Writes detailed functional specifications for program development.
o Performs and documents system configuration.
o Coordinates system interface design and development.
o Provides on-call support as needed.
o Prepares/coordinates technical reports, process documentation, test plans, training needs assessment, and implementation plans.
o Supports BMW Department Manager, Process IT with the management of specific elements of projects to schedule following systems development methodology; accountable for efficient and maintainable results that meet business requirements.
o Researches, coordinates feasibility studies and makes recommendations on process changes and automation in support of improving business processes and cost savings.
o Ensures target achievement is consistently attained.
o Creates process change by integrating new processes with existing ones.
o Recommends and facilitates quality improvement efforts. Stays up to date on future innovations, technical trends and applies this to direct future changes. Has knowledge of the solutions available as well as best practices for the business processes.
o Serves as an IT project manager for small-medium sized projects overseeing resources assigned, conduct status meetings, and effectively communicates the project status to stakeholders as delegated by the BMW Department Manager, Process IT.
o Develops project plans, administers the change control process and ensures that tasks are completed on time and within budget.
o Works closely with the business to understand the business requirements to determine the correct system design.
o Prepares business process mapping and function design.
o Prepares identification of gaps in the business process.
o Analyzes business partner's operations to understand their strengths and weaknesses to determine opportunities to automate processes and functions.
o Assists and recommends business process redesign and documentation as needed.
o Translates high level business requirements into functional specifications for IT development.
o Assists BMW Department Manager, Process IT with negotiation agreements and commitments by facilitating communication with the business and design.
o Serves as a liaison between the business and development to ensure the technical solution meets the business needs as delegated by the BMW Department Process IT.

Don't Be Fooled

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